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Work Zone Training

Traffic Signals Plus, PLLC offers three Work Zone Training course levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Below is an overview of each course level.

1.       Basic WZTCT – One Day Maintenance Base Course

  • Direct responsibility for placement of work zone traffic control devices
  • Direct responsibility for field maintenance of work zone traffic control devices
  • VDOT maintenance managers

2.       Intermediate WZTCT – 2 Day Inspection Base Course

  • Inspection of the placement of operational function of work zone traffic control devices
  • Construction supervisor responsibilities
  • Maintenance of Traffic Coordinators on construction projects
  • Regional Traffic Engineer Work Zone Safety Coordinators
  • Regional Safety Engineer (ES&H)
  • Traffic Control Supervisors
  • Personnel with responsibility for the development of work zone safety policies and procedures

3.       Advanced WZTCT – 2 day roadway design base course

  • The roadway design or bridge engineer responsible for the work zone traffic control plan development
  • The draft of electronic generation of work zone traffic control plans
  • Residency permits personnel changed with reviewing and approving work zone traffic control

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