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Transportation Management Plans

Bon Air Baptist Church Traffic Analysis Plan  – Richmond, VA – Completed a traffic analysis at Route 711 and Hancroft Road in Powhathan, VA. The purpose of this project was to determine the impacts on traffic of building a 300 seat church on Hancroft Road.

Smoot Library – King George County, VA – Completed a Transportation Management Plan for the construction of the Smoot Library expansion project located on Kings Highway Route 3 and Luther Lane Route 690 in King George County, Virginia.

Warwickshire Court – Newport News, VA – Conducted a transportation management plan for the installation of a sewer line across the roadway of the City sewer system. This project was located off Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, VA.

National Museum of the United States Army (NMUSA) – Fairfax County, VA – Completed the Transportation Management Plan written portion. This included all of the necessary information except the individual maintenance of traffic plans. This project included a new roadway access of Route 289 Fairfax County Parkway.

Fort Eustis – Newport News, VA – Completed Transportation Management Plans for the traffic circle at Washington Boulevard and Lee Boulevard and at Madison Avenue and Jefferson Avenue. This project was done to make improvements o communications manholes located in the streets.

Naylor’s Bridge – Tappahannock, VA – Completed a Transportation Management Plan for Reglas Painting Company to paint Naylor’s Bridge Structure. This Transportation Management Plan project included temporary traffic signals and standard maintenance of traffic layouts. TSP also provided the initial signal timings for the signal operations.